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NVIDIA Carrier Board

Support for Various I/O Interfaces and Compatibility
Technology Support in Real-Time
Domestic & Self-Manufactured

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CIB-1000A is a carrier board that provides the interface for Jetson TX1/TX2/TX2i of NVIDIA.

It provides TX1/TX2 module with various interfaces such as network, serical, video and etc.

It can be utilized for various application development such as

IoT, Smart Factory, Autonomous Flying & Driving, Intelligent Data Processing.


Mission Computer

Autonomous Driving Development

Smart Factoy & Automated Information Processing
(Machine Vision/Sensor Control/Data Processing)

  • Domestic & Own-Developed and Manufactured Carrier Board
  • Nvidia Jetson Compatibility: TX1, TX2, TX2i
  • Support for Various Interfaces
  • Ethernet Hub Functionality: 4 Ethernet Ports
  • 1 x HDMI Video Input
  • Real-time Technical Support

Hardware Assembly

Hardware Interface

Items Specifications
Compatibility NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1/TX2/TX2i module
Network 4 Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Herb
Image output 1x Micro HDMI(Type D)
Image input 4xAnalog Video(NTSC/PAL)
1×4 lane MIPI-CSI
Image input expansion Input 1x HDMI Video
(necessary HDMI-MIPI converter)
USB 2xMicro USB 3.0 & 2.0 Links
1xMicro USB 2.0 Links (Recovery Mode)
GPIO expandability 1x 3V3 UART, 1x I2C, 1x2ch SPI Port, 1x CAN Bus
Storing medium 1x microSD Card
Operating input/output Power, Reset and Recovery, Volume, LED(2*User LED)
Power supply +13VDC ~ +28VDC
Managing condition Operable temperature : -20°C~55°C
Storage temperature : -40°C ~ 85°C
Humidity : 95%, Non-Condensing
RTC Battery Support
Shape L: 98mm x W: 54mm  H: 14mm
Weight: 42g

Front, Back

Carrier Board + HDMI expanded board

Carrier Board + HDMI expanded board +Jetson

※ When HDMI input is necessary, need to install driver and environment separately

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