Drone Threat & Attack, What’s the Solutions?

Advanced and Cheap small drones are becoming new and big threats to the safety of our life and society.

Nowadays, such cheap drones can be easily utilized for various illegal purposes such as terrorism by equipped with explosive,

chemical and biological materials, and they are arising new safety problem to the Aviation Industry such as collision accidents.

Anti-Drone System is a system to protect human life and critical infrastructures from such illegal threat and danger using these small sized flight vehicles.

Complete Protection Solution against Drone Threats

CLIPEUS, Integrated Anti-Drone System

As integrated system to protect people and infrastructures,

CLIPEUS can detect, track, identify and neutralize the small unmanned aerial vehicles and drones in far distance.

CLIPEUS consists of satellite navigation jammer integrated radar(SDR-1000J),

EO/IR camera and Command & Control Software.

It provides a unified & easy operation environment so that the operators can operate

the whole process of drone detection/recognition/neutralization within single and integrated GUI.

It results in instant and effective responding to drone threats.


· Drone Defense

· Future Urban Air Traffic Control System

[Source: Gannett Fleming]

For commercial flight of drones and drone taxies, It’s essential to have ground infrastructure such as drone airports & terminals and also drone air traffic control system, CLIPEUS as Anti-Drone System also can be used as Future Drone Traffic Control System to monitor and control safety between departure/landing drones and to prohibit unidentified & illegal drone flights.

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