FIONSystems Co., Ltd. has developed the best quality of products based on accumulated technology
and experience in the areas of communication/radar/unmanned air vehicle, etc
to provide the value “Provision of solutions for easy, comfortable, and safe drone managing environment.” with the best efforts.
Our company desires to develop as the company which has global competitiveness to the anti-drone system,
ground control of drone software, AI-based image processing solution market
by supplying the good quality of products based on the self-developed technology and collaboration with the global partner,
providing the best value to the customers.

Challenge and innovation to
new products and new technology
FIONSysyems steps forward to it.

Business Area

Provide the solutions for an easy, comfortable, and safe drone managing environment.

Easy and comfortable

Drone managing service platform (ground control solution)
AI based image processing solution


Integrative anti-drone system
Jammer integrative three-dimensional drone detecting radar


Subminiature and ultralight EO/IR Gimbal Camera
Ruggedized Computing Solution

Current ~ 2019
2018 ~ 2017
~ 2016

Current ~ 2019


  • 06 Participated in the event of Smart Air Force Group from an air force
  • 06 Made a supply contract with Hanhwa System Co., Ltd. for rugged VME computer
  • 08 Designated as an excellent certification company of technology evaluation (NICE D&B)
  • 10 Participated in the verification experiment for the anti-drone system from the Counter-terrorism center
  • 10 Participated in the overseas exhibition (AUSA of US, KOTRA of Korean Pavilion online)


  • 03 Made a contract for EO/IR optical camera agent (Nextvision-Israel)
  • 04 Made a supply contract with LIG Nex1, Co., Ltd. for EO/IR optical camera
  • 05 Completed developing drone detecting trial product
  • 05 Certified as a venture company (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
  • 06 Completed developing a trial product of drone ground control software
  • 06 Completed developing deep learning AI-based imaged Processing Algorithm
  • 07 Exhibited air force information development conference anti-drone system
  • 09 Made a supply contract with Hanhwa System Co., Ltd. for rugged VME computer
  • 10 Run on a trial basis for the integrative anti-drone system (Air force OO group)

2018 ~ 2017


  • 06 Ministry of Science and ICT, selected as a task for information protection core technology development project(Participating organization)


  • 05 Ministry of SMEs and Startups, selected as a new product development project with purchase conditions for overseas demand (Participating organization)
  • 08 Minstry of SMEs and Startups, selected as a start-up task for the start-up growth technology project (Host organization)

~ 2016


  • 05 Established FIONSystems Co., Ltd.
  • 07 Made a contract with drone GCS software franchise (SPH Engineering-Latvia)
  • 08 Established company affiliation research
  • 11 Made a contract with Rugged Computing Solution (GMS-US)
  • 12 Made a contract with hybrid fixed-wing VTOL drone dealership (ALTIUAS-South Africa)
  • 12 Started to develop drone detecting radar


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