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UgCS - Universal Ground Control Software

  • Central management of all types of unmanned vehicles
  • Supports multiple drones of different types and from different manufactures
  • Advanced functionality for complex scenarios
  • Does not rely on Google Earth API, UgCS uses its own map engine

video demonstrating the capability of UgCS:

Import 3D objects:

The 3D Buildings feature in UgCS allows the operator to import 3D models into the software thus it automatically calculates flight paths around the obstacles.

Often the route for a drone is located near buildings or other obstacles other than terrain. To avoid collisions the flight path needs to be calculated so that it avoids obstacles. Instead of manually setting each waypoint to avoid an obstacle, it is often easier to import a 3D object into UgCS to make the vehicle avoid it automatically.

KML data:

KML data import allow you to customize the map to your needs and add objects to it. This feature is available to users of our Pro version.

KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language. By importing KML data files into UgCS you are able to fully customize the map for your needs. Place marks, images, text descriptions and even 3D models can be imported into UgCS using KML data.

DEM data:

Digital Elevation Models (DEM) can be imported into UgCS. This feature is available to users of our Pro version.

DEM stands for Digital Elevation Models. This data contains information regarding terrain elevation points. DEM data import in fact allows you to shape the terrain of the globe in UgCS.


ADS-B feature in UgCS monitors close-by aircraft and sends the operator warning signals in case an aircraft is approaching the drone. ADS-B helps you to be safe and more aware of what is going on around you in the air.

Camera footprint:

Camera footprint feature in UgCS allows an operator of an aircraft to see on a map which area is being filmed by the camera at a particular moment in time.

Multinode installation:

Multinode installation offers users of UgCS Pro version the possibility of running separate parts of our software on separate machines ex. Server running on one computer, Client on other and VSM on another.

Multi-operator support:

Multi-operator support allows users of our Pro version to connect many Clients to a single Server. This feature is available to the users of our Pro version and allows them to easily control and monitor multiple drones at the same time.

We have a plan that fits your needs!

Mission planner / Drone control
Aerial survey planning tools
- simple yes yes yes yes
- photogrammetry planner with GSD support - yes yes yes
Flying long routes with battery exchange yes yes yes yes
Immersive 3D mission planning environment yes yes yes yes
Elevation profile yes yes yes yes
Telemetry display yes yes yes yes
Automatic flight mode (waypoints) yes yes yes yes
Manual mode yes yes yes yes
Click & Co yes yes yes yes
Joystick and keyboard control yes yes yes yes
Software emulator yes yes yes yes
Supported Drones
DJI drones yes yes yes yes
Ardupilot (Pixhawk) yes yes yes yes
Px4 (Pixhawk) yes yes yes yes
InnoFlight Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Mikrokopter yes yes yes yes
Microdrones yes yes yes yes
MicroPilot - - yes, experimental yes, experimental
Kestel - - yes yes
Ar.Drone yes yes yes yes
Post-flight analysis and Image processing
Geotagging yes yes yes yes
Telemetry player yes yes yes yes
Custom maps
Buildings import 20 Buildings 3D 100 Buildings 3D Unlimited Buildings 3D Unlimited Buildings 3D
KML data import - - yes yes
DEM data import - - yes yes
Geo-referenced images import - - yes yes
No-Fly zones

No-Fly zones -
airport registry

Can't be disabled Can't be disabled Can be disabled Can be disabled

No-Fly zones -
custom zones

- yes yes yes
Fly zone limit for routes 500m from first point, 120m AGL No limits No limits No limits
ADS-B Support
ADS-B receiver
- microADS-B - yes yes yes
- pingRX - Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
ADS-B transponder
- Sagetech XP - - - yes
ADS-B transmitter
- Skysense - - - Coming soon
Video features
Video recording - yes yes yes
Camera footprint - yes yes yes
Video streaming from DJI mobile companion yes yes yes yes
Multi-operator / Multi-drone support
Multinode installation - - yes yes
Multi-operators - - 3 yes
Multi-drone support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Public forum yes




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Phone support 5x8 -




Support 24x7 -




Annual Support Coast -

35.00 USD*
(incl. VAT)

100.00 USD*
(incl. VAT)

400.00 USD*
(incl. VAT)

Price FREE

65.00 USD
(incl. VAT)

600.00 USD
(incl. VAT)

2000.00 USD
(incl. VAT)

*First year included with initial purchase. Support is valid for one year starting from first activation.


Free version of UgCS with limited capabilities.

  • Free version, enables flying simple missions to get insight of UgCS.
  • The range of operations, functionality and support provided is limited.

FREE download

    UgCS ONE

    For UAV hobbyists and non-professional use.

    • Unlimited range of operations, photogrammetry tool, some limitation of advanced functionality - the most suitable version of UgCS for UAV hobbyists.

    UgCS PRO
      UgCS PRO

      For UAV professionals.

      • Fully functional multi-drone ground control software for professional UAV mission planning needs.
      • Digital elevation model (DEM) and KML file import enabling map customisation, ADS-B receiver support to ensure flight safety.

      UgCS ONE

        For companies operating a fleet of drones.

        • Suitable for companies operating a fleet of different manufacturer drones, requiring a unifying ground station solution.
        • ADS-B transponder support, multi-node deployment, enabling operating a central server with unlimited connection of UgCS clients.